To The Marrow

Chef Shane Chartrand - To The Marrow

To The Marrow

A Hybrid Television Experience

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Documentary film making meets reality television in “To The Marrow” featuring Chef Shane Chartrand in collaboration with Hired Gun Production Inc. and P3 Connect Ltd. This hybrid feature-length documentary will follow Chef Chartrand as he visits three (3) North American First Nations’ communities: one rural, one small town, one urban.

In conversation with local experts, Shane will explore each culture through the narrative surrounding its culinary history and heritage. He will plan and prepare dishes unique to each community; feast with their elders and story-tellers; and break bread and new ground in a contemporary re-telling of ancient anecdotes and fascinating fables.

He will discuss the issues facing each community, recognize their accomplishments, and celebrate those striving to make a difference. The presentation will be casual and conversational as opposed to interview oriented.

We hope this stand-alone production will ultimately grow to become a series, ideally appearing on CBC Television, though we will also look to APTN, Gusto and the Food Network in Canada as well as NETFLIX and Amazon Prime Video. We are currently in pre-production, working hard to enlist an appropriate broadcaster and sponsorship support.

To The Marrow Demo

Sponsor dollars are necessary to produce a 3 to 5 minute demo spotlighting the tremendous capacities of our host, Chef Shane Chartrand, as well as the style and quality of our intended production. For the demo, Shane and series director Ben Babchishin will visit one (1) of our selected First Nation locations to establish contacts and lay the necessary groundwork.

In exchange for meaningful contributions our investors will receive the following sponsorship rewards:

  • Satisfaction in having made a meaningful contribution to the realization of this uniquely positive production promoting and affirming the history, vitality and significance of First Nations people and heritage.
  • Your company logo will be viewed by our roster of targeted broadcasters and funding partners and potentially many thousands of others via social media. It will be featured on and promoted within our demo as an insightful contribution without which this undertaking would not have been possible.
  • Ultimately, with our heartfelt gratitude, your logo will also appear within the credit roll of our feature presentation.

“To the Marrow” with Shane Chartrand will be relevant, memorable television. Your support will mark an important addition to the emerging chorus of corporations heralding co-operation and collaboration with Indigenous Canadian enterprise.


Keith Persaud