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P3 Power Factor Correction

Power factors are a measure of electrical efficiency. Low power factors mean you’re probably (1) wasting energy and (2) increasing wear and tear on your electrical equipment.

Improving your building or factory’s power factor will reduce not only your power bill but also equipment maintenance and downtime related expenses.

How It Works

P3 Power factor correction uses capacitors to store “reactive energy” onsite and apply it only when inductive loads like electric motors, transformers and fluorescent lights actually need it. Otherwise, without capacitors, reactive energy is simply lost to ground when your equipment isn’t being used. That’s wasted energy you pay for every month. By supplying reactive energy onsite, our power conditioning systems reduce your overall energy consumption as well as your peak power demand and any related fees or surcharges.

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Without this kind of energy conditioning you will always pay for more power than you actually use.


  • Potential energy savings of 8-10% or better
  • Surcharge costs reduced or eliminated
  • Fewer voltage drops and low voltage issues
  • Less wear and tear on equipment and computers


  • Material sourcing
  • Project management
  • Equipment installations
  • Quantifiable data


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