Keith Persaud

“ In life we all buy and sell ”

Keith Persaud

Coming to Canada

Keith was born in 1960 in British Guiana, a former British colony on the northern coast of South America. His parents owned a local hotel and restaurant there where Keith learned the fundamentals of good service at the tender age of just eight years. Two years later he and his family moved to Canada.

Now ten years old in a new and dramatically different country, Keith wasn’t a great student, but he was doggedly determined. At thirteen, after three years of listening and learning in Canada, he was approached with an offer to work as a busboy at a local diner. It was the beginning of what would become a remarkably successful career in hospitality.

In 1985 Keith was certified by the Government of Alberta as one of the province’s first professional servers. Now with 50 years in the industry he has learned from, improved upon, and excelled at every position he’s put his mind to. From private parties and restaurants to nightclubs, global hotel chains, golf courses and conference centres. The fundamentals of good service, he says, remain the same.

From small mom-and-pop restaurants to world class Hilton and Four Seasons hotels, a good income is the desired destination, but good service is the vehicle. “Sales is sales and service is service. In life, we all buy and sell.”

Record of Success

Keith has managed his own business enterprise, served as V.P. of the World Trade Centre Edmonton, created world class events, worked with (literally) million dollar budgets and hosted international super-stars and world dignitaries. All of which emanated from his experience in hospitality.

“You have to think three steps ahead,” he says. “This industry helps you think on the fly and work under pressure. It teaches you to be organized, clean, punctual, friendly and professional. You grow, intuitively, to be proactive, strategic, creative and personable.”

In this profession, in our world today, Keith knows the true value of hospitality experience. Servers know intuitively how to interact with people. They appreciate the realities of team work. They become problem solvers. And they get results earning career level paychecks and gratuities.

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