Look Better on Video Calls

Let There Be Good Light

Finding good light is essential. Shadows falling on your face are only going to highlight signs that you haven’t slept and darkness will obscure your best features.

Either face a sunlit window or position a light directly behind your laptop, phone, or tablet. A small selfie light that clips onto devices or a selfie light that holds a phone at the same time can also solve your lighting problems.

Get a Little Height

Whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device, you want its camera at your eye level. You may have to use a stack of books on your desk or a step-stool on a table.

If you don’t already have one, now might be the time to get an adjustable-height stand that accommodates laptops, phones and tablets. Or, if you’re mostly using your phone for calls and conferences, get a tripod that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

In the Background

On a video call you want the focus to be on you. So choose a spot that doesn’t have a cluttered background. Turn your camera on before your call to see what’s being displayed and to adjust your framing.

If you’re using Zoom, you can change your background completely. There are lots of cool backgrounds you can choose from online or create your own:

1. Login to Zoom
2. Select Room Management > Zoom Rooms
3. Select Edit for either the room, floor or location
4. In the Room Settings tab, go to Room Setup, then …
5. Next to Background Image for Zoom Rooms, click “Upload New Image” then open your image.

For mobile Zoom, during your video chat:

1. Select More and then Virtual Background
2. Select one of the available backgrounds …
3. Or tap the plus sign (+) to upload your own.

Your Personal Best

You don’t want to be too self-conscious during your call but you may find that pushing your face a little bit further away from your neck will give your jaw a more taut and flattering appearance. And looking up a little into the camera is a model’s trick for making your eyes seem bigger.

But after a few drinks who cares 😊