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This Comprehensive Course Includes

  • A prepared lecture
  • A series of interactive scenarios
  • A personalized certificate upon completion


This course focuses on the essentials required for excellence in hospitality service. Our objective is to provide our students the knowledge and confidence they need to deliver top-level customer service with a uniquely competitive edge. Topics include appearance, attitude, customer service, teamwork and the essential operational foundations of every successful restaurant.

We lay the groundwork, build the frame, and drape the layers of a lifetime of insight and experience. We help you get the job you want, whatever the style of food and beverage, be it local or around the world. High end service is a truly unique and rewarding profession. Employers will know you are capable, qualified and serious about your craft.


With the 2020-2022 pandemic restaurants around the world were forced to close their doors or severely limit customer numbers. The loss of countless thousands of service jobs worldwide followed. This training course arrives as the first signs of a global reprieve appear on the horizon. We provide the job hunting firepower you need to impress the very best targets.

  • The philosophy of your application for a service industry position
  • How to identify the most rewarding restaurants: impressions, menus, service styles
  • How to enhance customer experience, increase revenues, drive repeat business
  • How to manage inevitable conflicts and complaints
  • Safety in the hospitality environment for both staff and customers
  • An understanding of your impact on the business: being seen as a professional
  • Becoming a well-trained candidate with qualifications and certification
  • Using your education to assist other staff and lead by example


Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify and differentiate poor and good quality restaurants and fine dining
  • Define customer service and explain the elements of a service culture
  • Identify the tools that demonstrate preparedness and professionalism
  • Describe the conditions that enhance customer loyalty
  • Identify and explain appropriate strategies for dealing with customer complaints
  • Explain the importance of co-operative team work
  • Recognize physically and / or mentally unsafe work environments
  • Recognize and work well within AGLC and AHS rules and regulations

Lecture Series

1. Appearance and Deportment

  • Learn and practice proper dress codes
  • Discover the tools of the trade
  • Develop a positive, respectful attitude
  • Learn how to interact correctly with customers
  • Learn how to interact correctly with your fellow team members

2. Roles and Responsibilities

  • Know what the kitchen and the restaurant are, and are not, responsible for
  • Know what food runners are, and are not, responsible for
  • Learn the back of the house
  • Learn the front of the house
  • Understand the importance of the Hostess
  • What admin responsibilities do you have
  • What admin responsibilities do others have
  • Know your POS (point of sale) systems
  • Know how to cash out

3. Customer Service

  • Service affects reputation, revenue, tips and return business
  • Welcoming a customer and presenting yourself
  • Appreciate that customer complaints are truly unavoidable
  • Know how to manage product shortages and unavailability
  • Develop professional table-side etiquette
  • Learn proper food service and presentation techniques
  • Learn liquor service and your related responsibilities

4. The Difference Makers

  • Dress for success, look the part, first impressions, confident but not cocky
  • Set up your office to make money, take ownership of it.
  • Ensure clean, tidy table settings and chairs.
  • Ensure salt and pepper shakers are filled and wiped
  • Check that washrooms, floors, walls and garbage containers are clean and presentable
  • Gather the tools you need to do your job: trays, pens, pads, cork-screws, a lighter for candles
  • Know what you’re selling today: drink and food specials, etc.
  • Did you taste the soup-of-the-day?
  • Did you speak to the kitchen? Do you know what’s fresh and what the Daily Special is?
  • Did you check reservations to see what your shift will be like tonight?
  • Are you pumped?

5. Interactive Scenarios plus Q & A

  • Present yourself to your client; know how to greet them and what to say
  • Before you take group orders, find out if timing is important, especially for breakfast or lunch meetings
  • Mention food and beverage specials, make considered recommendations (earn your gratuity)
  • After taking the order, repeat it and confirm it with the guest
  • Change silverware if necessary including soup spoons and steak knives
  • If necessary, add more silver, plates and condiments
  • Prepare your customers for the experience, but only once, don’t interrupt them
  • Be prompt but invisible at the same time
  • Know how to properly place beverages and food on the table
  • Know how to properly open and pour wines
  • Check once to ensure your customers are satisfied; be observant and attentive
  • Understand the importance of dessert and dessert service
  • When presenting the bill, remind your customers to ask for you personally when they come back
  • Keep a record of your best customers and grow it over time
  • Learn the correct ways of cashing out and tipping out
  • Remember that this is YOUR business!

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