Lori and Keith
Join Lori & Keith for a fun celebration!
Halley’s Club | Sat Oct 12 2019
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  Ask Keith  

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Located in the Starlight Casino at West Edmonton Mall


When should we get there?

Lori and I will arrive at 7:00 PM. If you can too, that would be great.

Will we be eating?

You bet, check out the menu here. Everyone is responsible for their own.

Will there be entertainment?

Lots, jazz during supper then a big band orchestra playing vintage hits and a deejay to wrap it all up.

When should I RSVP?

Right now! The cut-off is October 5th. Please send me your name and the number of people in your party, thanks.

Can I reach you by phone?

Sure, call or text me at  587.588.9288

Is there a dress code?

Halley’s recommends you “dress to impress.”

How many people are coming?

We have reservations for 75 guests for now, maybe more. You’ll see lots of familiar faces.

Should I bring a gift?

Lori says just being there is gift enough, although she has expressed an interest in Bitcoin 


We’re always open to suggestions.

Drop me a line anytime at keith@p3connect.net